A Partner In Life

Beyond Physical Parameters


Few people will say they want a relationship with someone who is physically ugly, but few of them can define more than a few characteristics in a partner that are not physical. They might say they want someone intelligent, but they probably are not seeking a genius. For those claiming they want a partner who is funny, the class clown might provide too much humor for them to appreciate. It is important to know what a partner should be, so going beyond physical parameters is important when seeking a relationship.

Definitions can be difficult to express for most people when they do not involve physical characteristics, but they are seldom impossible. A person seeking someone intelligent needs to understand their own mental abilities, and they can then decide they want someone within their own range. It is a way to measure what they really seek so they will not be overwhelmed by a partner, and they will be able to define it so they will not overshadow the other person with their own abilities.

Two people having fun together is a good way to start a romance, and many people claim they want to be with someone funny. Few people want to be the butt of jokes from the class clown, so they should take the time to define what they believe is humorous. If they find just the right person, they will be able to let out their carefree side without restraint. There will tend to be a few class clowns in their future if they fail to refine their description of what they seek in a person they are willing to date.

Going beyond a physical description is an important step when people are looking for a partner, and they should do it by examining what they are first. Looking at their own abilities and feelings will help them better outline what they seek from another person, and it will even help their loved ones to find someone that might be compatible.