A Partner In Life

Dating for Friendship


Relationships that last for decades are often mystifying to people, so they usually ask what has kept a couple together. Many couples will say they are with their best friend, and that is the only measure that counts. This definition of a perfect partner is often scoffed at, but building a life with a best friend is a good way to live. Friends work to please each other, help out their partner when times are difficult and they want to share even the bad times.

Exploring the possibilities of relationships through dating is a way to narrow it down to one person who is worthy of intimacy as well as sharing hopes and dreams. Building lives together takes compromise between two people, and they must want to give in to keep their partner. Those who resent giving in will eventually see their relationship fail, and it is due to giving up what they really want for someone they believe is taking advantage of them.

Friends are the people who can see flaws, but they think of them as personality traits rather than a reason to break off a relationship. There is honesty between close friends, and those who become partners in life know they can trust each other. If both of them feel they are with their best friend, life becomes easier when it is time to make decisions with consequences. Their trust will see them through whatever comes in life, and they will weather the storms as well as the sunshine.

Love is an important quality, but the majority of people do not fall in love instantly. Learning about the other person, admiring their qualities, ignoring their flaws and staying with them are all places where love truly begins. For those who want a partner for a lifetime, seeking a good friend instead of just a date should be their goal.