A Partner In Life

Open to the Possibilities


Seeking a partner in life can be frustrating, and this often occurs because people are not open to possible mates who do not quite fit their criteria. Many people are average looking, and they are passed over simply because of their looks. They might be a fun person who is intelligent, but their lack of physical attractiveness keep people from asking them out. People who are physically attractive find it easy to date, but this may be the only attribute they possess. This will hamper a good relationship from forming.

A person who is willing to compromise will find it easier to date, and they will find that this does not subject them to finding someone incompatible. If a person is not quite as attractive as they want, they may score higher when it comes to being fun. Letting go of the idea that a date must be physically attractive opens up the possibilities of finding a lasting relationship, and the couple may end up in a good relationship.

Staying within narrowly defined parameters is limiting, and people do not always fit into neat little niches. Personal relationships are founded on the ability to compromise with another person, so those who are unwilling to compromise are less likely to flourish in a good relationship. They will be frustrated by this, and it will continue until they develop a realistic view of others. Being open to the possibilities does not mean settling, but it does translate into looking at who a person is rather than how they fit into a particular category.

It is important to be happy with the other person, or a relationship will never succeed. People often do not understand what they really want in their partner, but many of them refuse to understand how this affects their ability to find dates. Those who are open to dating people who do not quite fit their parameters are more likely to find the perfect date for them.