A Partner In Life

Defining Parameters


When seeking a date, looks seem to matter a great deal to people. Science has proclaimed that attractiveness is found in people with nearly symmetrical features, and this is how models and actors are rated for attractiveness. While it is good to have at least one parameter with a measurable definition, this does not completely define the word attractive when seeking a date. Part of a person's physical attractiveness has to do with how they move and interact with others.

An intelligent date is an often mentioned parameter, but this means different things to different people. A person with average intelligence may be seeking someone smarter than they are, or they might want a person who is good at solving problems. Someone who has been in relationships with partners who seem not to understand them might be seeking a person who is highly intuitive, but they might not necessarily be a good problem solver.

Some people love to socialize, and they are extremely good at it. When someone mentions going out for the evening, they are ready, willing and able to meet new people. This may seem like the perfect person to define as outgoing, but a closer look is warranted. There are people who love to go out in a group and have a good time, but it may be because they cannot connect on a personal level.

Fun dates always sound great, but defining a fun person is important. Many people may say they want someone with this attribute, but practical jokers need not apply. Daters are often seeking the person who is the life of the party, but they seldom realize this person may not be as much fun when they are at home. There are limits to how people react to fun, and it is important to establish the parameters of what a dater is seeking in this category.