A Partner In Life

The Search For Compatibility


When people begin to describe their perfect partner, they often start with a physical description. The looks and measurements of a person are a starting point because they are easier to quantify, but they do not always count when it is time to make a decision on whether or not to form a relationship. There are few people who really demand their partner look a certain way, so physical qualifications are often the first to go when a person meets someone they really like.

If finding a good partner does not really rest on their physical description, then their other attributes are much more important. Making decisions on how much of something a person should be is difficult, and many people are uncertain of how to define what they really want. Almost everyone says they want someone who is funny, but not everyone is interested in dating a comedian or a clown. They must find a balance between someone with a good sense of humor and a person who has never smiled in their life. These are the difficulties faced by those trying to describe their perfect partner.

Everyone wants to think they are intelligent, so it stands to reason that they would want someone who is intelligent as well. This sounds good on the surface, but few people understand there are many types of intelligence. People who have good grades in the classroom might be lost on the streets, and people who can navigate even the worst neighborhoods might have little compassion for the feelings of others. All of these are types of intelligence, but they are not always easy to measure when seeking someone special.

There are many factors to finding a perfect partner, but the best one is to keep an open mind. There are no perfect people, but there are people who will fit perfectly in someone else’s life.